Friday, June 1, 2007

Showdown at the Playground

The Showdown at the Playground! Scrapbook Playground is having a HUGE contest! We will be taking submissions from now until June 15th. To enter, submit your best layout. The Playground Bullies (AKA as The Design Team) will pick their favorite 25 pages, and those lucky people will enter into the 8 week contest. We are looking pages that are strong in photography, creativity, and overall design. Originality and creativity in all areas is very important. Layout entries will be judged on all of the above. Queen of the playground is one who displays unique and inventive layouts that are clean, inspiring and creative. Does this sound like you? Come join the Showdown at the Playground, and you can become Queen!

Check out the rules in the Field Day Forum!

1 comment:

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