Friday, May 29, 2009

Did You Ever??

Did you? Did you ever have one of those weeks when you just didn't feel like doing a darn thing? Well, that's been my week. We had friends from out of town over Memorial Day Weekend - which was a blast by the way!! It is our tradition every year. Our friends come down from Jersey and then we invite more people over on Sunday for a big BBQ. This year was no different and the time flew by so fast. I won't get into the nitty gritty, but I can remember a time when we'd be up sitting on the back deck until 1 or 2 in the morning. We're getting old is all I'm willing to say!

Here's a LO I did commemorating our last Memorial Day weekend together.

But, I've gotten away from my week. I figured after everyone went home on Monday that I'd take it easy for the day. Right??? WRONG!!!

My mom called and reminded me that the rockers she and my dad were getting rid of were waiting for us at her house and would we mind picking them up. Today, if possible. Sure, no problem. But DH decided that he wanted the room we were going to put them in ready for it. Our bedroom. Well, that meant that sleeper chair we were taking out of our bedroom to put in the old nursery had to be moved first. Which also meant that the old nursery had to be cleaned. It had become our room for storing what we didn't know what to do with. So I spent my Monday morning and early afternoon cleaning out that room. What a chore! But it got done. Mind you, I was going to relax for the ENTIRE day. I thought I deserved it after the weekend.

So off we go to my mom's (she lived only 15 minutes away) and half way there it starts to pour down rain. So once we get there we have to wait about a half an hour for it to let up enough to be able to take the chairs out to the cars. Good thing I drive a mini-van. Anyway we get them moved and into the house and they look great. So does the old nursery. But to finish my story, that took all the energy I had - for the entire week!

So here I am Friday morning, realizing that the vacuuming didn't get done, along with the laundry and a few other items. And I'm supposed to be packing for my getaway crop weekend with a couple of girl friends. I'm supposed to leave this afternoon. Needless to say my ignoring the housework Tuesday through Thursday was probably not the best of plans. So today, the beds are made, the laundry is...well, being laundered. One load done and put away. More to come. I still need to vacuum, and pack for my trip. There are not enough hours in my day. Anyone want to come help???

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blog-A-Versary Time

UYS (Use your Stash) Blog is getting ready to celebrate their 1 year anniversary!! There is going to be lots of fun, challenges and great prizes. Come check out the site now so you can be ready when the fun starts.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Blog Candy

What a prize pack! Juliana Michaels is celebrating her birthday in a big way. She's giving out this amazing prize pack. So if you want a chance to win, head on over to her blog and post a comment!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Want to Win a SLICE!

Here is a quick run-down on this contest from the announcement thread:
Contest Details:

When: June 1st to August 31st, 2009 (92 Days)
Submission Deadline: September 30th, 2009
Submission Location: 92 Days of Summer Contest Gallery

How to Participate:

At the beginning of each week (Monday) we will post an inspiration thread with some tips, tricks and a YMBD original sketch. You will be required to take one photo a day each week (7 photos/week). You may choose to use some of the tips and tricks we've suggested and the sketch, or not (that is up to you). Either way, you must take one photo a day each week, and create a layout with your 7 photos (this will result in 92 photos over the summer and 13 layouts)

You must upload your layouts to our "92 Days of Summer" Gallery, (deadline for submissions: September 30th, 2009).

You must keep track of your progress and keep your tracking post up to date.
Seriously, this is not as hard as it sounds! There are going to be sketches and lots of inspiration and I think there are going to be provisions for if you miss a day or two. And most of all there are going to be MAD PRIZES! There are sponsors lined up for first and second and third prizes, and of course there is the Slice. Digital layouts are also acceptable. So come on over and check out the message board to get all the details. HERE

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rainy Days and Fridays

Well, the only good thing I can think of for today is that it's actually Friday! Woohoo! Still, I'm stuck indoors - again. We have had nothing but rain, rain, and more rain since early last week. I think today will actually be our 11th day of rain (expecting storms this afternoon). We've had over 3" of rain in a week when that's all we get in a month's time around here. My shoes are squelching, even when I walk in the house (well, not really, but you get the point.)

Want to know why I'm stuck inside again. Poor Nick. He's home from school today with a yucky cold. I had a feeling it was coming on, but I just kept thinking (hoping) that it would end up being his allergies. He's even running a bit of a fever this morning.

So I'll stay inside and catch up on laundry and whatever else I feel like doing. We were supposed to go over to my mom's for dinner, but that's off. Now I'll have to come up with something. Uggghhh!

Hope the rest of you are having a great day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life With Maria

Once again, I have been so bad about blogging. Don't know why. I've actually had the time, but just not the interest. Maybe because I never think I'm any good at this or better yet - I really have no idea what to say. LOL Most of my friends would disagree because half the time they can't get me to shut up.

But DD Maria can beat me at it any time. The girl can talk. I mean really about anything, anytime. She's good at holding a conversation with herself too. I heard her talking in her room the other day (I thought with her brother) until I realized he wasn't even home. Nope, she was in just a chatting away with herself. It was cute.

She came to me yesterday and had decided to finally get her ears pierced. Mind you, we've been talking about this on an off for a couple of years. But the child is afraid of pain, needles, you name it. And of course just the thought of this sends her into a nervous frenzy. She gets stomach aches when she gets nervous. Had one last night, so I had to tell her she won't be getting her ears pierced this weekend until she's REALLY ready.

I'm still taking her, I just don't want her to be worrying about it for the rest of the week. We also got a great note from one of her teachers. And of course there was a great challenge over at Lifetime Moments this weekend for NSD. So I put them together and came up with this LO to document her teacher's kind words.

This was from her Social Studies teacher. "So often us teachers have to focus most of our attention on those students who aren't doing what they are supposed to be doing in school. I just wanted to take this time and say that having Maria in my class not only makes my job easier, but fun and rewarding. It has and is a pleasure to have her in my class. Thank you," Mr. McShane.

Isn't she da bomb!!