Saturday, June 16, 2007

Monday, June 11

Today was Maria's day. She had her final gymnastics class which meant achievement trophy time. They showed off all they had learned during the year. I was amazed at how much she had advanced. She was really excited because it was her first trophy.

They did all sorts of gymnastics. Handstands, bridges, wall sits. Their routines were cartwheels, round offs, skaters, forward rolls, and cheese splats (I think they liked this part the best). She definitely wants to do this again next year and is even considering getting back into dance. YAY!

Sunday, June 10

Today was a busy one. The boys went to church early this morning. Maria and I attended Mass yesterday - she had to altar serve. We had omelettes and bacon for breakfast - yummy! I checked out the message boards and finished my 2nd DT assignment for Little Scrapbox.
Nick's soccer banquet was today. He was really excited. His team was undefeated this year and he got this humongous trophy. It now sits on his shelf and barely clears the ceiling. His team was the only undefeated team at the school (1st and 2nd graders). I had to make a side dish for the event (mac 'n cheese). We also had to go early to help set up, but by the time we got there they were done. So the kids headed outside and played soccer together or hung out on the playground.

Afterwards we headed home for a quick change of clothes and went out to dinner for some great seafood. It was a surprise birthday party for my friend Jen. It was great, she had no idea at all. Her son plays soccer with ours, so we had to keep it a secret from the kids - I just knew they'd blab it to her boys and then she'd find out.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

It's Official

Yesterday was the last day of school. I'm not sure who was more excited - me or the kids. Now no more having to get up early (their school day starts at 8:00), I can sleep in. Well, usually. This morning Nick decided to wake me up at 5:10 to let me know he lost his tooth. He was so excited I didn't want to give him a hard time for waking me up so early. Maria and Tom are still sleeping - wish I was. But this gives me a little time to catch up on my blog.

I've done some serious scrapping lately. Still trying to keep up with my June 30 Day challenge from Kristi. I'm a little behind and have 4 pages to do. I'll knock them out today. My DT assignment at Scrapbox is complete and I'll upload it on Sunday. Black & White photo - wedding theme. I really love the way it turned out.

Finished my lift of our Playpal at Playground which won't be posted until the 25th, but at least it's done. Here's another lift I did at Scrapbox. It's for my good friend Kelly (H20SkiGal). Her work is fabulous. I loved her LO so much that I practically copied the whole LO. Only a few minor changes. Thanks Kelly for some great inspiration. Visit her gallery:

Monday, June 4, 2007

Last Week of School

Spent yesterday just goofing off and doing some light cleaning. We attended our school's 8th grade graduation ceremony. One of my good friend's daughter was graduating. It was great because she got some awards she didn't know about (Presidential Award, a Citizenship Award from the Knights of Columbus). The look on her face was priceless.

Today the kids start their last week of school. It should be a fun week with field day and at least one field trip for Maria. I'm trying to get caught up on my June 30-day mini-album challenge. The first two pages are done and today I'll work on yesterday's page. I still need to do a cover, but haven't been able to come up with a unique enough title! Anyone have any suggestions???

I have plenty of errands to run, so I'd better get started. I need to go pick up some negatives I had turned into digital CDs. I have two DT assignments due this month at Little Scrapbox using wedding photos in black and white. Needless to say after 11 years, my wedding album is complete. The good part is I ran across some other negatives of the kids when they were little and now I'll be able to manipulate them on the computer.

My DT assignment at Playground is Sugarloaf stamps. Anxiously awaiting my package, which will also include Prima stuff for next month. Yahoo! I *heart* Prima!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Happy Scrapper

I actually got a LO done today. Amazing! I used Karen Foster's Pirate Line and a Sketch from PencilLines from Nicole White. Thanks Nicole for the inspiration.
He really didn't want to pose, but I begged and he caved. I'll take Nick over Johnny Depp any day. LOL

Gone Hiking

The household was up early this morning. The boys (Tom and Nick) are off on a hiking expedition. I gave them the back-up digital camera. Hope they get some good shots.

So, today is a girls day. Maria was up really early, before 6. How come I can't get them up that early on a school day??? I think she was just as excited about getting her day started as the guys were. However, getting up early caught up with her. She's now back in bed soundly asleep. We'll do a little shopping, probably have lunch out and then spend the afternoon scrapping. I'm hoping to get quite a few projects done.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Showdown at the Playground

The Showdown at the Playground! Scrapbook Playground is having a HUGE contest! We will be taking submissions from now until June 15th. To enter, submit your best layout. The Playground Bullies (AKA as The Design Team) will pick their favorite 25 pages, and those lucky people will enter into the 8 week contest. We are looking pages that are strong in photography, creativity, and overall design. Originality and creativity in all areas is very important. Layout entries will be judged on all of the above. Queen of the playground is one who displays unique and inventive layouts that are clean, inspiring and creative. Does this sound like you? Come join the Showdown at the Playground, and you can become Queen!

Check out the rules in the Field Day Forum!

That Magical Day

Yup, it's today. There's something about June 1st that just screams vacation to me. Even though the family has traditionally stated that Memorial Day Weekend is the beginning of summer. That first day in June says, stop what you're doing and relax.

The kids are in countdown mode. And now I've joined them. Not counting today, 5 more days of school left. They'll chant it in the car all the way to school. LOL The best part, today is only a half day.

Maria is not thrilled about school today. She has 3 tests to take. She had 2 yesterday. I tried to explain that it will soon be over, but it was no consolation.