Monday, July 14, 2008

Twice in One Day!!

Kimmie and Corey are keeping me on my toes and keeping my blog updated for sure. I wonder if this was Kimmie's intent all along. She's always after me to update my blog. Well, here ya go sweetie - two in one day!

I had to do another challenge to use the scraps from my LO to make a card. Since I used no PP I really had no scraps, so I kept with the same theme and just made a cute summer birthday card using the same supplies (SU Stipple Shells Stamp Set, Stickles, SU Ink and pop dots, but I did use leftover CS scraps - yay me!) Hope you like it.


Kimmie said...

You rock

Corey said...

we are keeping you on your toes and it's so worth it!!!

mel said...

marti cute card and it not hard blogging once in a while atleast one a week sometime it help to blog u let out stress or steam

Cecile said...

Hi Marti
I mailed your RAK Friday I have been at the hospital w/ my cousin in ICU for a week and I haven't been able to mail it until now but it's on the way.Sorry for the delay:)Enjoy.
Have a great weekend!