Sunday, September 9, 2007

Back to School - At Last

The kids were less than enthused about starting school this year. Not that they are ever jumping for joy over the prospect of a new school year, but this year was different. They were attending a new school in the public school system. They'd been going to a Catholic school previously, so this was a whole new ballgame for them. New friends, new everything. Nick has a friend in our development that used to go to his old school and is now at his new school. So he at least had a friend in the school even though they weren't in the same classroom. Poor Maria was really nervous. The best part of the day for her was the fact that she no longer had to wear a uniform and could wear "cool clothes." LOL

I loved the day on several levels. Aaaahhhhh, kids back in school, but really, the best part was sleeping in on that morning. The school day starts an hour later, plus they ride the bus and I no longer have to car pool. What's a mom to do with all that extra time? Hit the MBs of course!!
Nick was really not interested in getting his picture taken and most of the ones I took of him are either of his back or he has his eyes closed. At least Maria was willing. So this year I have a new 3rd grader and a new 5th grader. I hope and pray the school year goes well for them.


Katie Jones said...

great pictures of the kiddos.

Stephanie said...

Great pic!! hope the transition goes well for them..